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  • SK2 Tech Solutions - Christchurch, New Zealand - Technology & Engineering
    prevent undesirable interaction with the device or system that we re working on eg minimising tv or radio or computer EFI or RFI interference Audio or sound considerations noise pollution vibrations etc Health considerations eg EMR radiation EMF fields ESF fields We have more knowledge skills than most electricians or electrical contracting companies No offence intended to any electricians or electrical contracting companies But it is true that SK2 can do things better we can do more things than most others because we have the collective knowledge skills of experienced practical university qualified electronic engineers electronic technicians Also we have a working knowledge of physics human biology human health SK2 Computers Problem solving speed up security backups updating tutoring A single computer or a computer network Home computer or a business computer network Internet web email Viruses spyware Security of your computer your data Backup of your essential data Speed up your computer Crashing we can make your computer more reliable Free advice free quotes pickup delivery Contact us SK2 Transport Clean quiet pollution free or low pollution Low or no impact to the environment to people Safety is also one of our concerns Private or public transport machines systems See also SK2 Energy immediately below SK2 Energy Clean quiet pollution free or low pollution Low or no harm to the environment people Natural alternative mechanical or electrical Including solar wind hydro wave hydrogen water ethanol methanol bio diesel LPG other clean fuels SK2 Solar Solar panels solar collectors solar systems solar system components PV electricity generation or SHW Solar Hot Water heating SWH Solar Water Heating Brand new installations or retro fits fitting to an existing building Domestic or commercial SK2 Solar Hot Water systems Free hot water literally Fast payback 4 to 8 years with our systems Hot water even during cloudy days during winter 100 solar if required Hot water for any use including bathroom kitchen laundry Also economical for swimming pools spa pools underfloor heating radiator space heating We provide only the best quality solar hot water equipment Our collectors pumps controllers valves all other plumbing components are reliable economical Spare parts are available in the unlikely event that you should need to replace a faulty or broken component We fit to new buildings fit to a place that s being constructed we also retrofit fit to existing buildings We also repair provide spare parts for improve solar water heating systems of other brands old or new We have registered plumbers who do the work we ain t cowboys Free advice free quotes Contact us Request a brochure about SK2 Solar Hotwater Systems Contact us SK2 HiFi We deal with all types of hi fi equipment Budget or high end Hi Fi components Mini systems Stereos We repair modify custom build Free advice free quotes pickup delivery Contact us Hi Fi components that we deal with include speakers loudspeakers quietspeakers passive active headphones amplifiers power amps pre amps integrated amps CD players DVD players LD laserdisc

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